Food plots are wonderful.  They provide a healthy, all-natural food source; they are legal almost everywhere; and they do a fantastic job of concentrating deer in a specific area.  Many, if not most hunters swear by them.  But when I introduce the idea of augmenting their food plot with a mineral station, I get the “deer-in-the-headlights” look that says, “Dude, I’m not going to mess up what I got going on.”  Yeah, I’m not going to argue with these guys because the internet is full of pictures of monster bucks taken off food plots.  Really, I have nothing to argue about.  Food plots work.  Plain and simple.

But, what about augmenting or adding to, and enhancing something that already works?  That’s the hoop a lot of hunters can’t quite jump through.  Let me return to the fact that food plots are great at centralizing the deer population on your property.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that deer will be right in front of you as you sit at the edge of your plot.  For example, when we sight in our bows, many if not all of us, are never satisfied with grouping our arrows just on the surface of the target.  Most of us are capable of, at least, putting an arrow into the target.  But that’s not the reason why we practice hours at a time to get the arrows as close, if not within the bullseye. A successful bow kill is a matter of inches or less.  We want to reduce the margin of error when we’re shooting at a deer by being precise in our aim.  The same idea of error reduction applies to food plots.

A food plot is much like a huge bow target. Getting the deer to the plot, or the target, is easy. This is why they’re so popular!  Plot hunters rarely go without a morning or evening without seeing a deer.  There’s always action on a plot. While food plots attract deer from all over your property, deer have a mind of their own.  They will casually browse where ever they feel like.  If your buck is on the far side of your plot, happily browsing on delicious greens with no other reason to venture over to you, you can’t just whistle at them to come closer. This is where you need to bring that buck in to the bullseye.

One thing plot hunters know more about than hunters who don’t use them is that deer love food diversity.  Having a variety of food options plays into the weakness of deer.  Rape, brassica, clover, turnips, etc are used to provide different choices for your herd.  We all can relate.  Multiple options of food is always appealing, even if you’re a deer.

I’ve got a supplemental system that works for food plot hunters who were willing to give it a try.  The first point is obvious.

  1.  Know what direction the wind generally blows over your food plot


The nose of the deer is his first defense so you’ve gotta get it right when it comes to where the prevailing winds come from at your food plot.  Yes, you’ll have plenty of wind shifts, but there will be a predominant prevailing wind that seems to re-adjust, usually as the season changes.  If you’re just getting started managing a new piece of property, it might take the first season to accurately determine the prevailing winds.  A quick call to a local television station meteorologist or a visit to NOAA’s website will give quick information regarding the area’s prevailing wind direction.

Next is another obvious point.


2.  Determine which trails on your property seem the most traveled.

LD FOOD PLOT AUGMENTATION - Establish Most Frequented Trails pic

I know it seems rather elementary, but identifying main highways that deer use is critical.  Because deer follow their nose either to food or away from predators, they generally follow the wind direction, because it’s the wind that carries the scent.  If your region has a predominant northwest wind, you’ll find many of your deer trails will follow in step, heading back and forth from northwest back-tracking on the same trail in a southeast direction.  Other well traveled routes will follow various wind directions that come and go.

Next is where the action is.



3.  Set up key stand positions.

LD FOOD PLOT AUGMENTATION - Set Up Key Stand Positions pic

Once you’ve determined prevailing winds and main deer trails, position your tree stands close to trails entering your plot where the wind is in your favor.  For years, I used to look for a good tree cover first rather than factoring windage.  Getting caught a lot by savvy deer was a great teacher.  Now, I first check prevailing wind direction, then location of deer trail, and then based on that information, determine which tree offers the best concealment and shooting opportunities.

The next point is all about shooting opportunities.  This is where the general drawing power of the food plot, the desire for food options, and the need for precision come together to make a pin-point spot for a deer to stop.  Offering a tasty, salty-sweet smelling dessert after their meal of greens is the where you guide the deer to a well-placed shot.  By adding a mineral site at strategic spots within your food plot opens the door to precision deer management and even more successful opportunities.

4.  Equalize the distance

LD FOOD PLOT AUGMENTATION - Equalize Distance to Mineral Stations pic

The key in using mineral sites in conjunction with food plots is proper placement.  Spreading out your mineral sites within equal distances between stands on your plot allows you to use different locations based upon wind direction.  Simply put, you can capitalize on more than one hunting location over the same mineral site.  When deer have had their fill of greens, they’ll come and check out the mineral.


As you combine mineral stations with food plots you increase your odds of placing a buck in the kill zone.  It’s all about gaining the advantage and building upon an already trusted method of attracting deer.  Lucky Draw uses powerful attractants to play on a deer’s nose and provide quick results bringing deer to a specific spot for the hunter.  Not forgetting to mention that Lucky Draw provides essential vitamins, minerals, fats and fiber for the deer.  Testimonials of hunters who say that results of deer visiting their Lucky Draw site happen within hours, not days.  Draw the buck in your food plot right to your stand with Lucky Draw Mineral Attractants.  Check out our line of products!  Good luck this hunting season!





Just what would a salesman in outdoor sporting goods say after he used Lucky Draw Mineral Attractants for a season?  Let’s find out.

Matt Hicks was raised in the beautiful state of Michigan, where it’s easy to fulfill his passion in the Outdoors. Along with filling his passion here in Michigan, he’s been fortunate enough to hunt in 11 different states pursuing greatest of all big game; the whitetail deer. Matt is currently the owner of ProVision Sales and marketing that represents Outdoor sporting goods to the retail market across the Nation. In his travels, Matt has learned more about what products work and what products that don’t work and meeting some of the most knowledgeable people in the outdoor industry.

LD:  First of all, are you a user of mineral for your deer hunting experiences?

Matt:  Yes, deer are creatures of habit so I start putting mineral stations out as soon as the snow leaves and keep replenishing the spots all the way until fall. With the use of trail cameras, mineral stations is one if my best ways to scout an area and see what Size of Bucks live in that particular area.

LD:  Were you skeptical when you were first introduced to Lucky Draw?

Matt:  When Pete Lathrop, owner of Lucky Draw, approached me to try out his mineral attractant, I thought it was another “backwoods garage project” by some enthusiastic outdoorsman.  But one of my friends in Traverse City told me that he’d been using Lucky Draw and said the product worked fast, bringing in deer within a day to the spot.  Then, I started hearing about other positive responses from Lucky Draw users and my skepticism began to fade.  After using it,  I became a believer in the ingredients that are being used in the product.

LD:  Describe the first results of activity on your Lucky Draw spots.

Matt:  I put the Lucky Draw out early in the spring and within 24 hours I had deer visiting the site. Most of them were doe, but a significant number were bucks.  Some areas are better than others, but that’s all about location. I feel the reason I establish mineral spots on my hunting property is to keep deer residential; keep them used to coming to areas close to where I hunt. Hicks Buck 2015 campic

LD:  How quickly did he show up after you put down the Lucky Draw?

Matt:  This particular Buck found it in mid-June. I began seeing him on my trail cam and, right away,I knew his antler development at the time indicated he would be a shooter.  This buck was definitely drawn in by the powerful fragrance of the Lucky Draw and once he got accustomed to visiting the site, he made the area his residence.  After the initial visit to the site, He would visit the location about twice a week.

LD:  What Lucky Draw product were you using with this buck?

Matt:  Apple Obsession. It’s an awesome product!

LD:  How would you rate the performance of Lucky Draw with the harvesting of this buck?

Matt:  100% without a doubt Lucky Draw was the biggest reason this Buck made my area his home. Lucky Draw’s powerful aroma reaches far out there.  I believe that buck could’ve smelled the mineral attractant a half mile away.  He could’ve become residential anywhere within two miles of my spot, but I believe that Lucky Draw had a lot to do with getting his attention with the attractant and then keeping him at my spot long enough for me to harvest him.

LD:  How would you compare Lucky Draw with other mineral products on the market?

Matt:  The ingredients that Lucky Draw uses is far better than any other products on the market. I feel that with quality ingredients and the right balance of mineral, protein and attractants, it will bring deer in faster and keep them longer at the spot.  I feel it works well for two kinds of hunters: those who want to work throughout the year helping their deer herd on a nutritional plan and for those who want a quick, effective attractant that they can put out a few days before opening day. Hicks Buck 2015 pose

LD:  You’ve recently purchased more Lucky Draw.  What are you hoping it will do for you this year?

Matt:  My hopes is to have multiple mineral stations going throughout the summer that are attracting mature Whitetails all the way through fall.

Matt Hicks knows a lot about hunting products.  He puts his trust in Lucky Draw to draw deer to his hunting site.


Spike & doe under Droptine

Spike & doe under Droptine

The Lucky Draw Droptine that I bought last year is working fantastic! I was a little skeptical when I bought it, but no more. After what I see in the pictures from my trailcam, I will be using your product from now on till I can’t hunt anymore. I bought two bags this year.
I will be taking some pictures of the ground, that’s been all pawed up.
Richard, Southeast Michigan

I’ve had Code Red down at my hunting site for a few months now and it’s working AMAZING! I have Salty Sweet on the trail where the big 8 point is standing, I think it’s safe to say that this stuff works!
Tim, Midland, MI.

Lucky Draw Cam Sept 2014
Therese from Traverse City, MI put some Lucky Draw Code-Red on her mother’s property downstate (MI) in mid August. Her dad and brother were in the area in early September so they checked the trail cam and this is what they found…Needless to say, Therese headed downstate right away to set up a blind. She says, “I’ve never seen anything like it!”  Testimonials from Lucky Draw users continue to come in, indicating that the product does what it says, it “Draws ‘Em In!”


Scott's Lucky Draw Buck 2013I’ve got a friend that lives in northern Michigan that has alot to say about Lucky Draw Mineral Attractants.  Scott is an avid hunter and has used minerals before he began using LD.  Each time Scott has used LD (Salty-Sweet) he’s been amazed at it’s quick-acting effectiveness and how it stands out from the rest.  Scott was recently featured in a Lucky Draw promotional video where he testified of how he poured LDSSweet on a pine stump and how the deer literally destroyed most of it.  (You can see it in the video gallery on the website)  Recently, Scott checked out his trail cam and was pleasantly suprised when he saw a huge “swamp donkey” sniffing around his Lucky Draw spot! (above pic)  Needless to say, Scott is excited about deer season this year!  What about you?  Does the mineral attractant you use have the reputation of producing pics of bucks (and does) on your trail cam only hours after you put it down?


Joes Lucky Draw Buck GladwinJoe has always used a variety of attractants and, most recently, food plots, for bringing deer near his stands.  He was introduced to Lucky Draw and was alittle skeptical about how quickly it works.  “I put out a bag of Code-Red at Marv’s place at 2pm on Sunday. This photo was taken at 7:30am Monday morning!”  I can easily assume that Joe is thrilled with the results.



We’re excited to announce that Lucky Draw has added a new product to it’s line of highly effective mineral attractants. “CODE-RED” is now available for the coming deer season. We’re excited about the new product because, after seeing the success of our trusted “SALTY-SWEET” attractant, we are expecting even more results from “CODE-RED”. With a higher concentration of minerals and salts, we believe that spots where the product is placed will keep deer coming in for a longer period of time.


The results of our field-testing is simply amazing. Over the past 6 to 8 weeks, guys are reporting that their trail cams are full of pictures of deer gathering around their Lucky Draw piles. Some are saying that they haven’t seen anything like it before! I hate to sound like a “know-it-all”, but I just knew that the formula used in Lucky Draw Salty-Sweet Mineral Attractant would produce results. Being that Lucky Draw is just an up-start company, we’re thrilled with how our beginnings are filled with positive comments from experienced hunters who are tough to convince on new deer attractant products. So far, some results indicate that deer are on Lucky Draw within hours after you put it down! Check out the list of our Lucky Draw retailers; click their logos and they’ll lead you to their websites. Come on…find out for yourself how Lucky Draw will “Draw ’em in” to your hunting spot!

Lucky Draw founder, Pete Lathrop

September is almost here and nearly every fellow hunter I bump into is already in the treestand mentally. I know that October first seems like a long time away for many, but for a bowhunter, it seems to defy time as the anticipation of that first hunt of the season reaches forward to the present day. For alot of serious bowhunters, this time of the year produces conversations revolving about how tight a pattern their arrows are in the target, or at what distance can they hit the bullseye. On the same note, those same guys are preparing their favorite hunting site for the special day. Already, many have cut down saplings that have grown in the way of the deer trail. Still others have already put down mineral attractants that effectively pattern the deer to their spot. I encourage you to consider prepping your favorite site with Lucky Draw, a mineral attractant that, I feel, will get deer to to frequent your hunting site and develop patterns that will produce results. Now is the time to add that extra sense of confidence when you head out to your site on opening day. Put a bag of Lucky Draw down in front of your stand and see how well it works for you!


It’s about time for ordinary guys who love to hunt, to come up with a competitive, if not superior, product that attracts deer to your hunting site.  How many times have work-a-day hunters come into a sporting goods store and noticed dozens of deer attractants that are made halfway across the country with flashy packaging.  Lucky Draw is made by ordinary guys who happen to know alot about hunting and science.  All of us live in northern lower Michigan and we’ve all been hunting up here since we were kids.  Lucky Draw is a combination of milled grains, essential minerals and vitamins, and dried molasass.  With our hunting experience, combined with years of using “this-and-that” to get an advantage on the bucks, we’ve decided to produce a product that will get the job done.  Field testing of Lucky Draw has proven that results come as little as a few hours after putting it down.  That’s the kind of deer attractant we want below our tree stands!  We hope that you’ll put Lucky Draw to work under your stand soon!

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