October Is Almost Here

September is almost here and nearly every fellow hunter I bump into is already in the treestand mentally.  I know that October first seems like a long time away for many, but for a bowhunter, it seems to defy time as the anticipation of that first hunt of the season reaches forward to the present day.  For alot of serious bowhunters, this time of the year produces conversations revolving about how tight a pattern their arrows are in the target, or at what distance can they hit the bullseye.  On the same note, those same guys are preparing their favorite hunting site for the special day.  Already, many have cut down saplings that have grown in the way of the deer trail.  Still others have already put down mineral attractants that effectively pattern the deer to their spot.  I encourage you to consider prepping your favorite site with Lucky Draw, a mineral attractant that, I feel, will get deer to to frequent your hunting site and develop patterns that will produce results.  Now is the time to add that extra sense of confidence when you head out to your site on opening day.  Put a bag of Lucky Draw down in front of your stand and see how well it works for you!

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