Lucky Draw Testimonials

“I have been using Lucky draw Mineral now for a few years.lucky Draw products definitely put the odds in your favor! I also love using lucky Draw products to take a yearly inventory of Target bucks and future trophies!” Brian C., Montegue, Michigan

“I put the Lucky Draw out the Sunday of Woods-And-Water Show in Imlay City.  I put the gallon bag of mineral mix out, the Droptine you hang up, and poured out the Overdraw on the mineral. I gave it a week and I had smaller bucks hitting it right away, but ever since last Saturday I’ve seen a decent buck going to my stand every night! Thank you guys for making a product so great right here in our great state of Michigan!”  Zac, Sanilac County, Michigan

“If you’re looking for the best minerals on the market you’ve found them. I have been using these products for a few years now and can say without a doubt that they work, deer come to them quickly and stick around as long as there’s a trace in the ground. I actually did an experiment through the last year to see what would happen if I stopped putting it out in one of my locations after 2 years of applying it on a stump on my property, it’s a spot that never had much deer traffic but did as soon as I put out some Lucky Draw. I decided to give that spot a rest this year and the deer continued visiting the stump until it was nearly gone, they just can’t get enough of the stuff. Go ahead and order some, you won’t be disappointed. Just be sure to budget for taxidermy.” Tim C., Midland, Michigan

“Never had a product actually do what it says it will do until I used Lucky Draw!  Awesome stuff.  Spreading the word with my trail cam photos.” David W., Southern Michigan

“The best mineral deer attract there is. There’s no others to compare with Lucky Draw.” Dennis H., Traverse City, Michigan

“Great product never used it until I became a member on Team Vital Shot and lets say I was missing out! The first time I put it out, I had deer hitting the mineral in 3 days. But after they got taste of it I was getting deer coming to it right after I put it out and they keep coming. Great product !!!” Matthew M., Montcalm County, Michigan

“Awesome products right here. I’ve tried a lot of attractant and minerals and Lucky Draw is the only one that has worked for me. Bought the code red 2 seasons ago. I put it out as instructed 3 weeks before opening day of archery season and on October 2 I shot an awesome 10pt an hour before dark. If you haven’t tried there products, you should. It’s worth every penny.” Doug R., Southern Michigan

“I would use this product over and over, stopping at Woods-And-Water Show in Imlay City is a must now!” Zack C., Marlette, Michigan

“I’ve been using this for about three years in the deer all over it all the time.” Dewayne K., Traverse City, Michigan

“I have recently put out Lucky Draw’s Time Bomb mineral with a Droptine hanger and I had instant activity at my mineral site. I have instantly fallen in love with this product and can’t wait to see it when the site is fully established. Joel H., Montegue, Michigan

“Shot a nice buck over Lucky Draw this year. Great product!” Dave H., Montegue, Michigan

“Works fantastic, If you want to be more successful then this is the way to go. Thanks Lucky Draw!” John R., Empire, Michigan

“Another nice 8pt buck (130 score) taken in Kansas over a Lucky Draw mineral site. I’m 69 and still harvesting deer with my compound. I refreshed the set again with Lucky Draw for our November hunt. My buddy is now using Lucky Draw too!”  John S., Traverse City, Michigan

“Your mineral has worked absolutely awesome for me over the last 2 years. To me there is nothing that has got the deer to my bait pile more than your apple obsession mineral and Droptine dripper. I’ve shot 2 big bucks in the last 2 years off your bait. A tall 8pt and a big 10, I look foreword to buying more mineral in the seasons to come!!” Taylor Orrison

“My wife took her biggest buck to date using lucky draw minerals. Thanks Pete for a great product.” Bruce, Wexford County, Michigan

“Never had a product actually do what it says it will do awesome spreading the word with my trail cam photos.” David, St. Clair County, Michigan

“Overall great product I could not be happier with the results and it has truly kept my dear in the area.” Cody, Kent County, Michigan

“I have currently been using lucky draw since before they hit the floors. I have gotten absolutely phenomenal results. Lay it down and bucks are in there literally hours later. I refuse to use any other products at this point simply because it just WORKS! 5 star product made by a 5 star man.” Kammeron, Grand Traverse County, Michigan

“I have been using Lucky Draw for almost 4 years now. This mineral attractant works faster and better then anything I have seen on the market. Not only is the product top notch but the company and owner are always making new changes to keep this product the #1 mineral attractant. Don’t take it from me… Give it a shot, you will become a believer in Lucky Draw just like me.” Josh, Moncalm County, Michigan

“In the 3 days of using Lucky Draw, I have about 10-15 different deer on it from looking at my trail cam pics.  Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to work. For the last 10 years I have tried alot of deer licks, blocks, etc.  None have worked. I can truely say that Lucky Draw changed my mind. I will always use and buy Lucky Draw for future use. There’s nothing to compare Lucky Draw with. Lucky Draw tops any mineral brands out there.”  Dennis, Wexford County, Michigan

“It has been 1 year since we put out Lucky Draw Drop Tine at our hunting blinds. We went out to check out the blinds for the upcoming season and where amazed at what we found. Two of the bags where completely gone and the other two where still hanging. Under each was a spot approx. 3′ in diameter and 6 to 9 inches deep. The spots where the bags where still hanging had fresh tracks and scrape marks. The two spots where the bags are missing are still being used also. Needless to say we just ordered 4 new bags and suggest you do the same.”
Mike, St Helen, MI

“I bought your Lucky Draw product during the big sale at Gold Star Outdoors near Edmore, Michigan. I had the mineral out for three days and had the same two doe’s for them three days, the next day I had 15 bucks in one picture all surrounding the mineral. I have the biggest hole I have ever saw deer dig. I am highly impressed with your product and I am now a lifetime customer for sure.”  Brady, Edmore, Michigan

“I put Lucky Draw Apple Timebomb out Monday like you said at the Woods-And-Water Show in Imlay City and two days later already have these coming in to it. I love your product! Spreading the word around about it.” David Walters, Sr

“Got my Lucky Draw Droptine up last Thursday! In two days they were hitting it.  And they’ve been coming in everyday sometimes 3 times a day!”  Tim, Cedar Springs, MI.

“You’re making some great stuff!” Matt, Manton, MI.

“I have been using Lucky Draw for a couple years now and have utilized this product to gain trail camera photos to assess the deer in the area.  I shot my two biggest Michigan bucks oer the last two archery seasons, both at stand sites that I have maintained a Lucky Draw site.  The minerals seem to focalize the deer traffic past my stands and slow the deer down for both trail cam shots as well as a chance for my G5 to play a little string music!”  Korwin, Traverse City, MI.

“I put some Lucky Draw in my backyard in February and they’re still coming in to it! Day by day the stump it disappearing. Thanks Lucky Draw for holding the deer on my property so I can manage my land and so my neighbors can’t shoot the young deer!”  Tim, Cedar Springs, MI.

“This stuff is amazing!! It just keeps working, they’ll eat the dirt to get every bit!!!”  Jim – Bay City, MI.

“I put down Lucky Draw and 4 days later….say cheese! Thanks Pete!” Jason, Traverse City, MI

“I use this product and it works awesome!”
Jimmy – Midland, MI

“You won’t believe the hole they are making under the Lucky Draw Droptine. I also have at least two bucks visiting my area.”

“I’ve been using lucky draw for 2 years now, I almost always get pictures of deer checking it out within a few hours of application!”
Tim, Midland, MI.

“The deer are tearing the Lucky Draw up!”
John, Farmington Hills, MI.

“I printed the biggest deer I’ve gotten on camera to date, chowing on some Lucky Draw Acorn Timebomb!”
Cody, Rochester, Michigan

“The Lucky Draw Droptine that I bought last year is working fantastic! I was a little skeptical when I bought it, but no more. After what I see in the pictures from my trailcam, I will be using your product from now on till I can’t hunt anymore. I bought two bags this year.
I will be taking some pictures of the ground, that’s been all pawed up.”
Richard, Southeast Michigan

“I’ve had Lucky Draw down at my hunting site for a few months now and it’s working AMAZING! I have Lucky Draw on the trail where the big 8 point is standing, I think it’s safe to say that this stuff works! ”
Tim, Midland, MI.

” I put down some Lucky Draw on my mom’s property down state a couple weeks ago. My dad and brother were down there and checked the trail cam for us and this is what they found (buck pic). We’re headed down right now to set up our blind…I’ve never seen anything like it!”
Therese, Grand Traverse County, MI.

“I put down a gallon of Lucky Draw and a week later I came to check on the spot. When I arrived, there were three deer on the lick, two of them were mature. They tore it up in a week!”
Korwin, Grand Traverse County, MI.

“We have never seen so many deer on our trail cams as a result of using Lucky Draw. I have Lucky Draw down at 5 locations and still drawing deer after 6 weeks. We have some nice bear coming to Lucky Draw also.”
Ray, Kingsley, MI.

“As a first time Lucky Draw user, I was amazed. I purchased Lucky Draw on-line from and it was the best choice I’ve made. I placed Lucky Draw down one night at around 11pm in front of my trail camera. I checked my camera a few days later and found that, according to the time-stamp, there was a buck and a doe checking out the pile less than an hour after I put it down. I have used lots of feeds and sprays as attractants and have never had as much luck as I did with Lucky Draw.”
Kamm, Traverse City, MI

“I put a bag of Lucky Draw Acorn Timebomb down in front of my trail cam and checked the number of pictures on it before I left and there were only 34 on it. I came back a week later and my 2 gig SD card was FULL and there was a hole in the ground where I put the Lucky Draw. I’m definitely impressed with the product and will recommend it to my friends.”
Jeremy, Williamsburg, MI

“I started the lick on a red pine stump with two bags of Lucky Draw back in October, mixing it in with the dirt as instructed and then watering it in. I was suprised they had eaten all the dirt in the last two months. I’ve been without a trail cam this fall and finally got mine back last week so I freshened up the lick with a new bag and put the cam on it. In 4 days it’s pretty much gone and I had over 300 pics, 5 doe and fawn on the lick in one picture frame. Pretty potent stuff. We’re anxious to establish some licks with it in the U.P. on my uncles farm.”
Erick, Midland, MI.

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  1. Mike, St Helen, MI says:

    It has been 1 year since we put out Lucky Draw Drop Tine at our hunting blinds. We went out to check out the blinds for the upcoming season and where amazed at what we found. Two of the bags where completely gone and the other two where still hanging. Under each was a spot approx. 3′ in diameter and 6 to 9 inches deep. The spots where the bags where still hanging had fresh tracks and scrape marks. The two spots where the bags are missing are still being used also. Needless to say we just ordered 4 new bags and suggest you do the same.
    Mike, St Helen, MI

  2. John says:

    How do I order more. I bought a combo pack at woods and waters and want more. Can’t seem to find anything but droptime on website. Any help would be nice!!!

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